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Minh Quan Capital Investment & Trading Company known as Minh Quan Capital was established in 2011 with the view of becoming a strategic partner of Cement and Construction Industry.

Minh Quan Capital destines itself to be a reliable business partner for both its suppliers and customers, holding the highest commitment the success of its business partners.

Minh Quan Capital always tries its best to create the true value, affirm company prestige on the domestic & international market.


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By: Administrator // 06/01/2020

Possibilities and effects of using waste materials as energy in cement industry

Waste is first of all a community and health hazard, and secondarily a resource – the problem needs to be resolved, and the resource used. On the other hand, many analyses have concluded that this century will be a century of cities, which means a century of waste.

By: Administrator // 06/01/2020

HCM City approves three waste-to-energy projects

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has approved the construction of three plants to generate electricity from waste using advanced technologies, and work on them will start in September and October, according to the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

By: Administrator // 06/01/2020

Advanced waste treatment technologies

Urbanisation is forcing us to rethink the way we power, connect and navigate our urban areas. We’re shifting the balance towards more sustainable solutions but are we moving faster than the problems are mounting up?

By: Administrator // 03/01/2020

Municipal solid waste treatment plants

Coparm is one of the leading European companies in the design and construction of municipal solid waste treatment plants and waste treatment plants, a unique reality for products, solutions and services in the field of ecology and recycling: machines and plants for the ‘packaging and waste treatment such as waste paper, cardboard corrugated nylon foil, plastic containers for liquid, PET bottles, scraps of paper mill pulp, solid waste such as industrial and similar.

Our machines are especially designed for the needs of paper mills, corrugated, paper converting, hypermarkets, large and small recovery, landfills, reference stations, manufacturing plants CDR systems biostabilisation etc.

By: Administrator // 02/01/2020

A Green Solution for Municipal Solid Waste

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