In its endeavor to explore and progress technologies for sustainable urbanism, the 3RINCs conference convenes each spring, bringing together Asian experts working at the forefront of 3R technologies and systems today.

An annual event since 2014, the 3RINCs conference promotes proper waste management across the globe by focusing on the three 'Rs': reduce, reuse and recycle. The conference is held up as a platform for key stakeholders to engage and push the envelope forward on advancing sustainable solutions for our rapidly urbanizing world.

A proud sponsor since the beginning, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co. (MHIEC) is a key stakeholder, promoting sustainability principles not only as a sponsor but also through its unique and cutting-edge research and development into new technology in the sector.

Dealing with municipal solid waste

Innovative waste-to-energy technology is heralded as a sustainable and necessary solution to the increase in waste due to rapid urbanization; adequate waste disposal facilities are crucial not only for public health but also preserving the natural environment.

Take Japan as an example, which accumulates some 43 million tons of waste each year. Much of it is processed by more than 1,100 waste incineration facilities throughout the country, which have become indispensable for their role in seamlessly handling all the garbage. The waste is incinerated, harmful substances are detoxified and the collective output is then effectively harnessed into thermal energy, thereby becoming an important source of power. As a result, only around 10% of municipal solid waste needs to go to landfills.

Many of these waste-to-energy facilities are designed and built by MHIEC and are superior in that they are highly adaptable and able to handle various types of waste, including plastics. They are also an efficient source of alternative energy, using for fuel what would otherwise had been an environmental problem.

One man's trash

MHIEC's waste-to-energy facilities are notably efficient for power generation. According to MHIEC's team of engineers in Japan, the company has commercialized high-temperature, high-pressure boilers that convert waste to energy both quickly and efficiently.

This particular technology generates diverse outputs. The energy that is produced is sold to public electricity grids, with the exception of energy consumption on-site. The incinerated ash also yields raw material that can be used for cement, by using proprietary technology. What's more, MHIEC's waste-to-energy facilities can successfully treat solid waste, sewage sludge, industrial waste and biomass.