who are we?

Minh Quan Capital Investment & Trading Company known as Minh Quan Capital was established  in 2011 with the view of becoming a strategic partner of Cement and Construction Industry
Minh Quan Capital destines itself to be a reliable business partner for both its suppliers and customers,  holding the highest commitment the success of its business partners


Provide customers the best and the better cement products which always ensure the  harmony of the public interests, the  interests of company and consumer, meet  the highly increasing requirements of  customers.





Minh Quan Capital has a long-standing tradition, a  team of skilled engineers, especially a high  & stable quality supply of cement products,  a wide distribution network. Minh Quan  Capital always tries its best to create the  true value, affirm company prestige on the  domestic & international market.





-  Maintain and develop cement supply for  every partner.

-  Build a  long-lasting relationship with strategic suppliers.

-  Constantly innovate by combining the  advantages of different suppliers to bring  the most appropriate products with the  highest quality & best price to customers.  

 -  Always maintain professionalism in every  departments to commit  bringing satisfaction and success to customers.